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Every life is touched by music but those who play a musical instrument are entrusted with a joyous gift that they may cherish, nurture and share with others.  The study of a musical instrument is an engaging and enriching process that is defined by discipline and hard work.  The prospect of performance helps the student to set clear and achievable goals. Encouraging feedback from the teacher motivates the student to continually improve. Experiencing music will forever change a life!​ 

Amy Boyes' diverse experience as a music teacher includes teaching:
- Elementary, intermediate and advanced students, participating in theoretical and practical examinations and in local music festivals
- High School students preparing for practical or theoretical university entrance requirements

All students must have regular access to an instrument to practice on.

Examinations participation (practical and theoretical) and recital performance (twice yearly) are encouraged but not required.

Attendance and Make-Up Lessons:
Regular attendance is expected of all students. Students are charged for all lessons for which they register including those missed through student absence. Notification of inability to attend lesson does not excuse payment for the lesson.

Payment and Billing Policy:
The monthly lesson fee is calculated by averaging the number of lessons in a term. The school year is considered one term. Post-dated cheques must be provided for the months September to June. 

Withdrawal Process:
The parent or student shall give a one-month written notice to Amy Boyes in the event that the parent or student decides to withdraw from their lessons. Upon said notice it shall result in the forfeit of one month’s payment. Should the withdrawal occur in the middle of a month, the following month’s cheque will still be cashed and any over-payment will be refunded.

Recitals, Festivals and Exams:
Two recitals will occur in December and June. Participation is optional but greatly encouraged. Students will also be encouraged to participate in recitals and in graded conservatory exams.

Practice Expectations:
Students are required to practice at home between lessons. Daily practice is vital to musical progress. The recommended amount of practice time will be discussed with the student depending on their age and skill level.

A complete studio policy is available upon request or at the first meeting.

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