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Prepare for Royal Conservatory Harmony 9 Exam

In this twelve-week course, students will learn the required material for the Royal Conservatory Level 9 Harmony examination.

Available through Outschool - $250 USD

- Group setting 

- Set schedule

Available privately

- Individual setting

- Flexible schedule

- Rate of $60 per hour of class time

- Email to inquire

Course Purpose:
- Preparation for The Royal Conservatory Level 9 Harmony examination. 

Course Material:
Week 1 and 2 - The principles of 4-part (SATB) writing; how the voices fit and move together in an appropriate manner
Throughout the course - The construction and use of various chords: I, ii and ii7, iii, IV, V and V7, vi, vii and their inversions
Week 3 and 4 - The construction and use of secondary dominants and how to modulate to different keys
Throughout the course - Two-part counterpoint: adding a melody over a bass line
Weeks 5 and 6 - Completing Bach chorales, 4-part harmonizations in which a number of voices will be missing
Throughout the course - Analysis of musical excerpts: labelling chords and identifying notes that do not belong in these chords
Week 7 - Analysis of a two-part invention, an imitative, polyphonic composition
Week 8 and 9 - Formal analysis of a composition in either binary or ternary form; identification of cadences within the composition
Week 10 and 11 - Composition of a sixteen-measure composition in rounded binary form
Week 12 - Practice examination

Class Structure:
- Each week, students will participate in a live, one-hour online class. 
- Assignments will be made from RCM Level 9 Harmony text (required). 
- Students will submit screenshots of worksheets. 
- Written feedback on worksheets will be given. 

Teaching Methods:
- Using direct references to the RCM text, Amy will screenshare written explanations on the whiteboard, musical excerpts, and harmony exercises. 
- Amy will play each excerpt and exercise so that aural skills are reinforced along with the theoretical concepts. 

Prior Knowledge/Experience:
- Students must have the equivalent knowledge of the RCM Level 8 Theory examination. 
- Sample theory proficiency papers available online:

Learning RCM Level 9 Harmony and Counterpoint requires you to know the following concepts:
- key signatures
- chords and chord symbols
- intervals
- cadences

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